Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Now What?

Today Mya and I went to pick up her birth certificate. Yesterday we went to order it and today it was ready. Simple right? WRONG!

Mya's birth certificate states that she is a SINGLETON. When they handed it to me I don't know why my eyes happened to go straight to box 3A, but they did.

So I went right back to the clerk and I told her my daughter certificate is wrong. She told me there is nothing she can do about it. I asked her how do I get it corrected? She told me "You have to take that up with the state"

I rushed home and called Norwalk, thinking the county clerks office can help me. They told me they can not because there are certain cities in LA County that have their own clerks so all I can do it take it up with the state. He gave me the phone number and for the last two hours I have been hitting redial like it is no ones business. It has been busy.

How could this happen. Sophia's Death Certificate says she is 1st of Twins, why did Mya's birth certificate say she is a singleton? Who did this? Why was someone so careless to not pay attention?