Friday, October 23, 2009

A Special Email From Carly

When I got Sophia's name in the sand I ordered the JPEG so I could print it. I never got it. So I emailed Carly. So today I got my photo file and she wrote Sophia's name again for me. I love them both, they are so nice and I love that I have these in places I can think about Sophia all the time.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

OC Walk To Remember

Last month while on Babycenter I saw that October 15th is the day of remembrance for pregnancy and infancy loss. So I signed up.

This morning Mya and I went to UC Irvine for the 5th Annual OC Walk to Remember. It was a cool morning so that made for a good walk. When Mya and I arrived I registered. Then I fed Mya breakfast in her stroller as I could not find any place to sit.

The memorial ceremony was so pretty I am so happy I attended and plan on attending next year. I think this was a wonderful way to reflect on Sophia. I think it is rather important for Mya to know about Sophia and to know that she is a twin.
I have struggled since finding out Sophia diagnosis how we will tell Mya about Sophia. First I though when she got her first dolly we would name her Sophia. Now after attending today's walk I hope to attend more events like this one and at the hospital to show Mya that Sophia was a very important part of my life and hers. I still stay if it was not for Sophia fighting as long as she did I may not even have Mya. And I thank Sophia for Mya every day of my life.