Sunday, June 21, 2009

To Write Their Names In The Sand

I have found this great blog. What Carly does is simply amazing. She is in Australia. I had put together a collage of photos of Eddie and Mya for Father's Day and when I went to get my laptop I noticed today was Sophia's turn for her name. I had hoped I would have it by their birthday. I am happy it came the day after Mya's birthday party and before their actual birthday. I am so pleased it looks so pretty and I am so happy that I have it. I want to get it framed for my desk at work and find some place special in the house for it.

I have found out that collecting your child's name is a common thing among mothers who have lost a child. I think I may start joining them in collecting names. The feeling I got when I saw this picture was amazing. I feel that this picture describes Sophia's beauty so perfectly. I am crying as I sit here and look at it.