Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday, April 25, 2008

26w0d: For the exception of more contractions on Sunday night and being totally exhausted on Monday and Tuesday the week went well.

I had a doctors appointment this morning and I had my Gestational Diabetes test after that. Dr. Prema said I look very rested and she was happy with that. Mya's heartbeat was 151 bpm. She said everyday that Mya is not born is a million dollars to us. She said that most likely if I make it that far that she will plan the C-Section somewhere between 34 and 36 weeks. So that is the end of June, the beginning of July.

Not that I get to be picky about this but, we have enough birthdays in June so I am shooting for July. Plus it is crazy to think that Eddie and I will be parents in 8-10 weeks.

I am very excited for pregnancy to be over on one hand but when my pregnancy is over that means I loose Sophia for ever. I am not ready to say good bye yet. I have been struggling with this aspect of this whole thing since March 11th. I need to say good bye to her. I need to hold her. I need to kiss her one the top of her head.

I have more blood work to do next week to check for Toxin levels given off from Sophia. In two weeks we go see Dr. Shah again then the week after back to Prema. So that is that for now. Lets hope to make it through another week. Every week I write feels like I am closing another chapter. It is a good thing.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday, April 18, 2008

25w0d: To start we have a middle name. Mya Quinn Beserra! What do you think?

So Tuesday I had some contractions for about an hour and half. We went and had them monitored and everything seems to be fine. Dr. Prema says they seemed to be Braxton Hicks Contractions. They did a test and said I should not go into labor within the next two weeks. So that is good.

I followed up with Dr. Prema on Wednesday she said I still need to rest but I can be out of bed. That was great news.

Tonight we saw Dr. Tabsh at UCLA/Santa Monica last time we saw him we waited 3 hours to see him. This time we were there appointment and all for one hour. That was nice. We got an Ultrasound picture tonight and it looks like she is giving us a thumbs up.

This week Mya seems to be moving more and more. She had me up for a half hour this morning around 4am. So that is this week. Our next appointment is next Friday with Dr. Prema where I will take my glucose test.

Since being put on bed rest I got a call from the EDD for my SDI interview. The woman was talking to me and asked if I minded if she asked me something. I told her no. She proceeded to ask me if I was still carrying both my children. I told her yes. She said that was so weird she never heard a case like mine.

So I guess now it starts. Now I feel like a circus freak. As it is I have a hard time seeing people like a the grocery store who know I am pregnant with twins ask me about them. What do I say to not bring the room down? I did not sign up for this. As a matter of fact I would much rather be feeling two babies kick me not just one kick my ribs all the time.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday, April 11, 2008

24w0d: Well this has been an interesting two weeks to say the least. I have been put on bed rest. I am allowed out of bed for four hours every other day. The one fear Dr. Tabsh warned us of has happened. Sophia has laid to rest right on top of my cervix. There is a .5% chance when you loose a twin you loose twin "A" and when you do this is the number one complication. So now we deal with this.

Our goal is just to keep Mya growing for as long as possible. So that is what I do now. We had our monthly appointment as scheduled with Doctor Shah today. We checked Mya, she as always is a very active baby. She now weights 1 lb 6 oz. She is measuring 1w1d larger then her due date. I am scheduled to go back to Doctor Shah on May 9th. So that is that for now.

Since I have been on bed rest I have now taken up scapbooking. That has taken a ton of my time up. I have everything near the bed so I can get to it. So that is that. This is not the funnest time right now being stuck in bed but I am doing it for Mya.

Post again next week as week have an appointment scheduled at UCLA/Santa Monica.