Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Wish I Was An Oscar Meyer Wiener

Today I had to stop at a clients on the way to work. So this means I take an alternate route to work. After Mya and I left our clients we went on our way to daycare. On the border of Monrovia and Arcadia we came across the Oscar Meyer Wiener Mobile.

Mya quickly tells me "look hot dog" I told her "yes baby that is the Wiener Mobile"

So that was the highlight of my morning. I got to see something that brought me back to childhood. When I was younger my mom scored Josh, Molly, Tim and I some wiener whistles. That is the life of being a child of someone that works in a grocery store. We always use to fight over who's whistle is who's. Ahh the innocence of childhood.

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