Friday, October 17, 2008

I Finally Found Someone To Help Me!!!!!!

After making I don't know how many phone calls I finally got through to someone. How I can not thank Mrs. Debbie Balsey enough. I don't know what number I pressed today but I got through. She answered and I knew it was not the place. I calmly explained to her my situation. I told her I have been trying for a month to get through to someone that can help me. I told her our story and that I have Sophia's death certificate that states she is 1st of twins and that Mya's birth certificate says she is a singleton. Debbie was almost in tears, then I was almost in tears.

She told me she is very sorry for our loss and that she is also very sorry it was not correct the first time. She said she would be sending me paperwork in the mail for the amendment and that I would need to send a check for $14. She said she will send me a postage paid envelope that is addressed directly to her and that we will get this taken care of.

I feel better but I hope she really is going to help us.

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