Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mya's Baptism

Today was Mya's baptism. We were blessed to have our family there with us. Mya has had a cold for over 2 weeks now and she seemed to have a good day. We started out the morning
wondering how much of family would be able to join us with the whole circle of fires around us. My parents had to go another route as the 14 freeway was closed and parts of the 210 freeway were closed as well.
We got a call that some of the Serrano's would not be able to come as Aunt Vivi and Uncle Pete's house might be evacuated.
Once Molly got here we dressed Mya in her dress. I ended up cutting up a onesie for under her dress she she would have some protection.
When we got to the church I had asked the priest if he could please say a prayer for Sophia and he said he would and ended up forgetting.
It was a nice ceremony and Mya was good. She ate and fell asleep halfway through. She was upset when we woke her to actually be baptized. But she got over it.
Sophia was in my thoughts today. I wished they were both baptized. I wanted to have Sophia baptized at the hospital but since we did not get to see her that did not happen. I really wonder why they did not let us see her.

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