Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Conversation I Did Not Think I Would Be Having So Soon.

Tonight at bed time Mya and I were having a little coversation.

I started with what Mya is thankful for. Every time I have asked her this question she has always started her list with "Bozzy Cat" and then the list goes on for a minute or so.

The she asked me is tomorrow was a school day and I told her tomorrow was a special school day, as tomorrow is open house. I explained to her that both Mommy and Daddy would be picking her up and that we would get to talk to Mrs. Monie to see how she was doing. She told me that Mrs. Monie told her she would have a brother. I told her "really is that what Mrs. Monie told you" her response was "yes" Then Mya told me "and Sophia is my sister"

At that time my heart just melted. I did not know what to tell her so I told her "yes Sophia is your sister and she is an angel in heaven now"

The rest of our conversation kind of went as follows:

Mya: No Sophia is here with us and Sophia is my sister.
Me: Yes she is here looking over you and yes Sophia is your sister.
Mya: No Mommy not Sophia the elephant, my sister Sophia.
Me: I know Mya. Sophia the elephant is here so you remember Sophia your sister. Sophia grew her wings and is now an angel in heaven.
Mya: Mommy, when will I grow my wings?
Me: One day Mya, in a very long time you will grow wings.
Mya: So one day Sophia and I will be able to fly together.
Me: Yes you can fly together. I love you Mya. I will see you in the morning.
Mya: I love you Mommy.

So there you have it. A conversation out of the blue. Nothing I would have ever dreamed up in a million years. I never thought at this stage of the game I would be talking about Sophia with Mya like this.

I love my girls.


  1. Oh Cassie...brought tears to my eyes. She loves her sister so! Sophia is not it should be. ((((HUGS)))))

  2. Children are incredibly insightful. Beautiful story Cassie ♥