Friday, December 9, 2011

1 Down 1 To Go!

While Mya was busy being a super model today, I was busy catching up on  31 Days of Greif.

Now the important question. So Cassie what has been going on the last two months? Well I have been ill. The week before the second biggest week of my year my loving husband decided to break his ankle. BTW, the first being April 15th and the second being October 15th. See I like to space them out evenly, ever 6 months. Just like Christmas and my birthday! So that was a fun week, being sick planning a major event without my go to person.

It personally took Eddie's injury to heart. Why? Because he did not call me. He had one of this friends drive him all the way from Mojave to Pasadena to urgent care and then called his cousin to bring him home. I spoke with him twice as this was all happening. He choose to still not tell me. He told me after that he did ot want to worry me. I now see what he was saying but I still took it to heart.

Next order of business is to catch up Mya's blog as I use that as a journal for her and I want to be sure that I keep up with it.

So that is where we stand one blog done one to go.

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