Thursday, December 8, 2011

Embrace The Camera (Thursday)

I have been working very hard on getting the blog all caught up. So tonight we ETC. This picture may just end up being the one we have out next to Mya's booty picture when her first boy friend comes to the house.
So I ask how could we not "Embrace" this picture?
Last year for the first time ever I heard several people saying they put Christmas trees in their children's rooms. Even today at work a co-worker told me the cutest story about when he was a child. He use to get a tree and wrap gifts for his rats and put them under the tree. So tonight I did it. I got Mya a tree for her room. I have always tried to completely do everything I can to build memories for Mya when it comes to everything as I know as a mother I only get one shot to get it right. So I want everything for Mya to be perfect. When I decorated our tree Sunday evening I purposely kept all the pink ornaments to the side. We told Mya there was a chance Santa might bring her a special tree for her room if she continued to sleep in her room.

She fell asleep tonight in the car as she only got about 30 minutes sleep today before her photo shoot. So she was tired. She woke up and saw her tree and came downstairs and told us Santa came. Eddie and I followed her up the stairs to see what Santa had brought her. She promptly asked if I got a tree in my room. Though I always dream of that scene in Untamed Heart where Marisa Tomei wakes up and has a tree in her room. She then proceeded to tell me how she heard Santa and his reindeer on the roof of our garage and everything that happen

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