Tuesday, July 8, 2008

This Is Not A Family Outing.

Today we went to the mourtuary. Yesterday while at the doctor with Mya we found out the "great state of California" decided to change the format in which death certificates are done. I had our portion of Sophia's done mid May. So need less to say it is no good.

We packed Mya up and drove to Montebello to Risher. We met with one of the owners. In May we met with her brother and he told me everything would be taken care of and now they basically have no clue who we are. I don't need this right now.

We filled out the new application for the death certificate and paid to have Sophia cremated. Which was a whole different price then we were told at first.

I just wanted to get me and my 9 day old child out of there ASAP. That is what my focus was. After we left we went and Mya went to her first restaurant. We went to Chili's because it was not busy and that was perfect for us.

Mya, I can't not believe you are such a good little baby and put up with all the nonsense that you did today. Mommy loves you are we are now one step closer to getting Sophia home with us.

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