Monday, July 7, 2008

What The Hell Is Wrong With People.

Maybe I am really hormonal right now. I really don't know. We took Mya to her pediatricians for her first actual scheduled appointment.

Mya is one week old today and weighs 5 lbs 2 oz. She has finally gained an ounce and half. We are getting some where now.

So the point of all of this. At the doctors today we saw Mya's doctor. She said she wanted us to stay and meet with the lactation specialist since it does not seem like my milk has come in. So we met with her. At the very moment she came in the Social Worker called to get information from us about Sophia. Eddie excused himself. I told her I was sorry we are trying to take care of arrangements for Mya's twin sister that passed away. The woman proceeds to tell me "You have to breastfeed, if not for Mya for her twin sister"

I had no idea what to say. I felt like saying who the hell are you? But I didn't and Eddie came back in the room. I could not focus anymore. I half listened to what she told me.

I plan on breastfeeding. However I also understand that for the last week Mya has been getting formula after every feeding session. My cousin told me to stick it out for a month and then go from there. That is what the plan is for now.

I get very discouraged because even when I pump I don't even get a teaspoon. I feel like there is something wrong with me. Shouldn't my milk have come in now? I understand that Mya is a preemie maybe my body is trying to adjust.

On a lighter note after Mya's appointment we went to the mall to try and find Mya some clothes that actually fit. See I kept telling people Mya will not need preemie clothes because they will not take her until she is over 6 lbs. I was certain of that. My Aunt Vivian sent a Preemie set and a preemie gown, thankfully we had them because it was the only things that fit her. So today we went to the one place I said I would not shop for Mya........Gymboree. Mya got 5 little outfits. This weekend we are planning on going to the beach so Mya can get some sun and we will stop by Carter's on the way home so see if we can find anything else to fit her. For now I am doing non stop laundry.

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