Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday, March 14, 2008

20w0d: Well this is the half way mark of a normal pregnancy.

We made it.

I am hopeful that the second half will be emotionally better then the first. Not that is even possible right now.

We have names picked out, just need to figure out spellings. "A" will be Sophia Rene and "B" will be Maya, Mya or Myah, no middle name yet.

This has been one bad week. I am working past moving on with the loss of Sophia. I know it will take time, I don't think it is half as bad since we knew what was coming. Everyone had a hopeful thought for Sophia, but it was in God's plan. We want to thank everyone for their well wishes and prayers.

Maya, Mya or Myah seems to be moving quite a bit in the evening between 4 and 10 she still likes to sit in one place on my right side that is not very comfortable for me, Eddie says that his daughter is just like her father.....Loves to drive me crazy! I seem to be sleeping better these days. That is nice. Work is busy, I like that at the current moment to keep my mind off of things. Work seems to be the biggest help. There is no time to sulk. Which is good for me.

On the other hand I can not wait for tax time to be over so I can go back to aqua fit.

So that is that for the week.

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