Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Guess I Am Not Important Enough.

Yesterday I called to RSVP for "A Night to Remember". This is an annual ceremony at Huntington Hospital to remember the children that have passed away. This will be our third year attending.

After I finished my phone conversation with Mary, I remembered I forgot to ask her if they would be attending the walk. I called right back and she did not answer. So I left a message.

This morning after dropping Mya off at daycare I got a call from Mary. I asked her if they would be attending the walk. Would they like a booth. Her response to me......"Oh you were serious about the walk?" I told her yes we should be having close to 100 guests. She told me she did not have time this year but next year she will.

My feelings on this is don't you deal with grieving families and this is your response to me. No wonder why Mya's birth certificate was messed up and I only got a tiny box filled with nothing personal. Your hospital did not let me see my daughter and I forever hold that against you. Thank you.

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