Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday, May 23, 2008

30w0d: We had an OK week.

I went to my appointment on Tuesday and Dr. Prema discovered that Sophia resting right on top of my cervix. That is what Dr. Tabash warned us about. So our new plan of attack if that stay on bed rest and get Mya to 5-6 pounds. I go back to see Dr. Prema next Friday and we will check and see if Sophia is still where we don't want her to be, if she is then we will evaluate the situation.

Given the situation Eddie and I finalized our plans for Sophia. We had planned on going to the mortuary last night to get all the paperwork done and due to the weather that did not happen.

The owner came to the house today and I signed everything that needed to be done ahead of time. So that is a huge thing that we had to get done. I am happy that this big step is done. I am not happy that we had to make such plans. Yet again this is another reminder of the fact that Sophia will really be gone soon. Though I don't feel her kicks she is still there. I find myself many a times a day resting both hands in the places that BOTH of my girls are. Sophia was/is so low and Mya is so high but yet I still feel like rubbing my lower bell over Sophia is a way to bond with her.

The owner of the mortuary gave us several cards. He said to have our doctor put one in our file so they know we have given them permission to take Sophia. He also said to have Eddie give one to the nurse at the hospital. I told him that my main focus at the hospital is going to be for peace. I just need things to be peaceful. I want to leave the hospital knowing that my Sophia is taken care of. I will not have the joy of leaving with two babies and as I know there is a possibility I will leave the hospital with no babies I would have much rather them BOTH be safe in the NICU but I won't get that either.

So that was our week. Here is hoping for another great week contraction free.

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