Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday, May 30, 2008

31w0d: My doctors appointment was changed to yesterday. So I went to see Dr. Prema. Mya looks good, she is still very active. Sophia is still on my cervix. Dr. Prema has decided to start me on Terbutaline to help stop or slow pre-term labor. I will also start going to the hospital twice a week for Non Stress Testing on Monday's and Thursday's.

Dr. Prema said that Mya looks like she is over 4 pounds so that is a good thing. She said by her best guess Mya will be here by the end of June. So basically anytime in the next month. The pack it on diet has proved to be well for Mya. Not for me.

Next Friday I am scheduled to see Dr. Shah. For the next two weeks I will be at the doctors three days each week.

Here is to another good week.

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