Friday, May 20, 2011

A New Diagnosis.

Who knows for how long we will stick with this new diagnosis but for now we are sticking with "Sinus Disease". I will go Monday or Tuesday to the ENT Surgeon. I had two CT Scans on Wednesday. I got the call from Dr. Sather this afternoon with the results of the sinus scan which gave the new diagnosis.

Every time we have a new diagnosis I feel like this is it then in a few weeks that is it, I feel horrible again. I am so tired of it all. Seven months of this is just enough. On Wednesday with my appointment with Dr. Sather he basically put it this way: "Part of me wants the test to come back with a problem so we can finally figure it out, the other part of me does not want it to come back with anything" So there we have it. The CT came back with something big.

I don't like being this grouchy, moody and non-functional. It is not who I am. I am to the point all I do is sew little yo-yo's and hot glue little rosettes. Mya's hair clip selection is growing too much. I too have a growing selection of brooches to choose from as if I did not have tons already as brooches have been my jewelry of choice.

My hope is soon this will all be over. The new goal in life is to be functional again.

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