Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day Since Being a Mother.

2008 was my first Valentine's Day since I became a mother. In 2008 I was 15 weeks pregnant with my girls. We knew that Sophia was a girl and a few days after Valentine's Day we found out that Mya "looks" like a girl. Though I seem the reflect on Sophia most at this time of year since she was still putting up a good fight, I still can't believe we are coming on three years since her passing.

2009 was our first Valentine's with Mya in our life. It was a Saturday and I did not have to work. We went to visit Gloria in the hospital and we went for an early dinner in Long Beach.

2010 was a special Valentine's for us as we got the keys to our condo. I got one picture of Eddie and Mya in the living room when we got the keys.

We all were very excited for the change that was in store for our little family in the coming week. Mya loved the stairs and kept going up and down. She could care less about her very own room.

Here we are in 2011 and Mya very much enjoyed her day. When I came home from work Eddie was upset because I worked an hour late to clean my desk. I was upset with myself for all of my actions lately.
Mya was eating dinner and the first thing she told me was "Happy Valentine's Day Mommy" it melted my heart. There were my favorite Lily's on the table and Mya had picked a card out for me all by herself. I was very happy with her choice. She even told me why she picked it out. Because it looked like Lenny from the Wonder Pet's.

So this Valentine's though Eddie and I are both pissy and I still thankful to have he and Mya as my Valentine's. I love you both.

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