Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Week In Blah........

This has been a very busy week. I have had so much going on. From petty things to important things. But it has been a busy week. Work, Walk to Remember, Los Angeles and all the everyday things that come along with life.

On the plus side Mya has been doing pretty well with the tax time transition. This morning was the first morning she did not want me to leave her. She wanted me to sit with her and watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Mya is also doing really well with being potty trained. Around the 1st of the year we kind of just started wearing panties during the day. Kind of cold turkey. Since cold turkey started Mya has had maybe 4 accidents. So I would say we are doing well.

On a work note, work is busy, it always seems to be the little things that are the most time consuming. Dropping what I am doing to help "the needy one" seems to be most irritating. But I have to say I am very blessed to have a job. Work will get done. That is pretty much all I have to say. That is really all I can say. It will get done.

Walk to Remember, Los Angeles has wonderful things on the horizons for us. We are working on the Rummage Sale. Working on getting the website re-done. Working on the BLM Picnic in May. We are also working on one more fundraiser. So there are great things in store for us. I have to say it is wonderful to have a team of help. I know that Kassi and I can't do it all.

I am looking forward to Long Beach on Monday. I think it is always a great evening for me to get out.

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