Monday, January 31, 2011

This Day.

This day is always bad for me. This day is hell for me. I need this day over. Soon, no, NOW.

It is no big secret what I do for a living. The only problem is that as Mya gets older it appears to get harder to do my job and be a mommy.

There is always that wonderful thrill when you sign your last tax return or press send on the last sales tax return that you can breath again. A sigh of relief. Well the problem is today I did not get that moment of completion.

I kid you not, the second I pressed "FILE RETURN ELECTRONICALLY" two clients walked in the door. It was go, go, go.

Perhaps this is the reason I feel like the breakdown is coming. I should have left work at a decent hour today so I could cook dinner at home for my family. (This is something I have not done in two weeks, no joke)

OK vent over, for now.

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