Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year!

So this is a new year again. Though I still think of November- mid January as the blissfully ignorant months of my life during my pregnancy I also think of how we start the cycle of anniversaries again.

Last year was a very big year for me personally. I took on some major tasks at work. I started a non-profit organization, I turned 30 and a very big one....... I cut off my hair and donated it in Sophia's name.

So what do we think this year will bring. I know that when I go back to work Monday I will have major chores to do. I also know that this starts the time of the year that not only do I feel like a horrible mother but I know I am a horrible friend. This is why I general don't keep a lot of friends.

For WTRLA I expect it to be bigger than last year. I want to do more fund raising. We are donating 10 memory boxes to Long Beach Memorial/Miller's Children's Hospital. I am most hopeful that we will have a picnic on May 1st to celebrate all the mother's who have lost a child for International Babyloss Mother's Day. I am also helpful we will have a few other fundraisers to continue giving gifts when needed. My personal goal for Walk to Remember, Los Angeles this year is to have 300 participants in attendance this year.

I know that before I get all crazy about WTRLA I have to focus on work. That is #1 must at this point in time.

Now that I am hopeful for the year ahead let me tell you about my New Year's. Last night my mom came and spent the night and relaxed at our house while we went to Dave, Linnea and Kiki's house for a birthday party, NYE party. It was nice kick back with a lot of talk of current pop culture.

This morning we got up and went to Johnny's house for breakfast. Mya made a mad dash to his cabinets to help herself to marshmallow's her favorite treat in the whole world. We sat and chatted and watched the Rose Parade.

We went home and relaxed a little bit and then my Mom and I took Mya and we went to do our annual viewing of the Rose Parade floats. Mya was ready for a nap so my Mom and I took the time to really enjoy all the floats. We had a nice afternoon.

It was a nice afternoon, we got a lot of pictures and I have to say I am very hopeful for 2011. To happiness, health and whatever else you are in search of this year.

I personally can't wait to see what this year brings for me personally, for my family and for Walk to Remember, Los Angeles. I leave you with a picture from the Rose Parade floats, two Polar Bears.

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