Monday, August 29, 2011

7 Years Of........

wedded bliss.

Today is Eddie and my wedding anniversary. As Eddie always jokes it seems like 27 years. But in the last 7 years I can't even begin to recap what has happened in our life. But the best parts have been wonderful. For better or worse have both been terms you could use in our marriage.

Even after 7 years I can't believe I was the one that cracked the joke at our wedding even though I was a crying mess. But hey I did it.

In 7 years we have become parents. Eddie kept it together and still keeps it together when it comes to anything that had or still has to do with Sophia. Eddie is now teaching Mya the finner points in pushing my buttons. But none the less we both love being parents to a little girl that is something else and has made our lives complete.

Before we became parents to our girls we were pet parents. Which we still are. Two months after we moved in together, July 2002 we adopted Boz (Bozley, Bozzy Cat or Prince) from animal Skid Row....LA County Animal control. Then in December 2004 Eddie brought Buster home. Buster had been dumped on the streets with another dog who got picked up from animal control. As anti little dog as I was I am happy Buster is a part of our family.

In February 2010 we left our spacious back house on the Beserra Compound and moved to Monrovia to a nice 2 bedroom condo.

Since our last anniversary we have celebrated the holidays in our home, Mya has moved from Daycare to Montessori School. We have survived another tax season. We have survived a breast cancer scare. We have also survived the terrible two's and now have an even more trying three year old. We have also survived each other. For better or worse. Here we are.

I can only wait to see what 8 years brings us. I leave this blog post with our song Somebody. I wanted to post a picture of us from Saturday night but I can not get it to download properly.

Happy Anniversary Brown Bear.

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