Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A girl walks into a shrinks office........

to find out it is not the death of her daughter that bothers her, its the fact that she hates the medical community.

True story.

Part of preparation for bypass surgery is a psychiatric evaluation. I went last Wednesday for mine and could not finish since the doctor was running late. So I went back today to finish. We spoke about Eddie, Mya, work and everything in between. At the end she asked me if I would be willing to consult a therapist for my grief of Sophia I told her no. I told her I don't think my grief of Sophia is an issue. Then I told her my issues.

Simply put I can not stand the medical community and I start with any new doctor with NO trust. I hate that SOME doctors and other medical professionals feel like they have the right to have a God like complex, when in fact all they are is simply a human, just like you, just like me. But yet they feel like they have the right to belittle anyone they please when in fact most of the time that person is there for help.

Though my vent I seemed to make the doctor cry. Who would have thought that is possible? But I did. She also felt the need to apologize to me for the medical community.

I also made it VERY clear I do not blame the medical community for Sophia's death. I know how and why she passed and it had nothing to do with them.
So now in a week or so we will find out if I will be able to mentally handle this surgery. Like I told her, "it is what it is"

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