Thursday, August 18, 2011

{Embrace} The Camera Thursday.......The Sweet Addition

Today Mya and I got to meet The Cake Mama's. They started something new this week called "Thankful Thursday. Alice nominated me. Alice wrote the nicest thing in my nomination:

"If it is not too late I would like to nominate my daughter in-law Cassie Beserra. She is the founder of Walk to Remember, Los Angeles which is a local non-profit organization that provides support to local families that have lost children through pregnancy and infancy like she and my son have. She is a proud mother of twins, Sophia Rene and Mya Quinn. Sophia passed away at 20 weeks gestation due to many complications. Cassie devotes so much time to providing support to grieving families in their time of loss. She is currently preparing for WTRLA's 2nd Annual 5k in Long Beach on Saturday, October 15th. Please join me in nominating Cassie for all her hard work!"

In a period of two hours I managed to get 29 votes. Which tied me for 5th place. So tonight after dinner Mya and I went to claim the prize, six delicious cupcakes. I spent about 15 minutes talking to Fabiola and Janelle It was such a treat and such an honor to be nominated.

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