Monday, August 15, 2011

Quite An Interesting Week

So this week has been very hectic to say the least.
Last Tuesday the landlord came over and instead of just fixing the dining room ceiling he decided to re-vamp the whole kitchen and dining room area.
I made a deal with Eddie. I could get new dishes if I got ride of several things in the kitchen. As recently I have been doing a lot of simplifying of my life I thought it would be a good idea.
Sunday after cleaning out most of the kitchen Mya and I went to mass with The Gutierrez in honor of Alex's trip to Europe for WYD. Mya did very well in church, I was a proud Mommy. After Mass we went and had dinner. Mya enjoyed playing video games with Shawn and hanging out with family.

So we had until Monday morning to get the kitchen and dining room completely cleared out. What a chore that was.

Monday morning came and some last minute things needed to be done. I also spent Monday finding an interpreter for Shawn for Harry's service. After many calls, mission was accomplished.
Tuesday was quite crazy. I had work to do, Pedro needed more paint and my mom and I needed to be in Garden Grove at 6:30 for Harry's Rosary service. My mom and I ended our evening at Alberto's and when we finished eating we were entertained with the fireworks from Disneyland. We went home and straight to bed.
Tuesday night, upon our families request I decided to take Mya on Wednesday for Harry's funeral. So Wednesday we got up and went. Again Mya did so well in mass. We spent a very nice day with our family and I think the way Harry's family said good bye was most amazing.
Thursday evening brought nice news. Our kitchen was back in order and it was time for us to put everything away. Mya and I made two trips to Target for Contact Paper. I was quite confident things were finally going to get done.

Friday we finally had dinner at home. It was such a huge relief. Saturday I did all of the finishing touches and took all of these pictures. Also on Saturday we had a sleep over with Kiki and we attended Robert's 2nd birthday party.

Sunday morning while the girls were still asleep I said good bye to Eddie, Gabriel, Brian and Vivian as the left for Convict Lake for their camping trip. After a breakfast picnic it was time for our trip to Disneyland. We enjoyed our day with family. It was good times and I am always happy when Mya spends time with any part of our family.

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