Wednesday, August 10, 2011

We are the lucky ones.....

Last week when I found out of Harry's passing after sending my condolences to my family I immediately came here to post my feelings. Monica's comment about my post was "We are the lucky ones"

Today we said goodbye to Harry. If I had to describe the way I wanted my funeral I would say I want it like Harry's. I would also say though Mya will not remember this, but for Mya's first funeral experience I am OK that it was Harry's. The Gutierrez clan did everything to make this a celebration of Harry's life. From the music to the eulogy to the wake everything was the way I know Harry, laid back and not uptight at all.

Going back to the music I think every song that was played was peaceful. The choir did everything perfect. When I opened the program for Mass I could not help but notice that What A Wonderful World was listed. I have always held this song close to me and always think of Sophia when I hear it. On two separate occasions I have been asked why I think this is an appropriate song for Sophia. I never really have an answer. Maybe because it could have been the song she danced with her father at her wedding in 25 years. Maybe because life is so precious and not only did Harry make the best of his life but Sophia did as well. She played the cards she was dealt and did the best she could. I just can't answer why this is one of my three Sophia songs. But what I can say is that from now one I will not only think of Sophia when I hear this master piece I will think of Harry too.

I have to give major kudos to Alex's friends for doing such an awesome job with Let it Be and Ava Maria. But to me the song that stood out the most was In My Life I could not help but crying. I have never really listened to the words of that song, but I have always appreciated the musicianship of this song.

In the end we all bid our farewells to Harry. As Monica said "we are the lucky ones" and I can not agree with that more.

Though you are not here with us you will never be forgotten.

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  1. Thank you, Cassie. Your words always bring such warmth to my heart. This is such a beautiful tribute to Dad. He would have been humbled and appreciative. He did so much for so many of us, especially us kids, there was no question or debate over how we were to celebrate his short but ever so full life. Whenever I hear What A Wonderful World now, I will smile as I picture Dad playing games and sharing stories with Sophia....with the voices, of course. Love you tons! :)