Friday, August 5, 2011


Yesterday I was a busy bee. Last night I was taking a trip down memory lane. This morning I opened my email to find devastating family news. Yesterday my cousin Harry passed away.

Harry is one of my mother's cousins. As far back as I can remember with all our our "G" cousins besides my first cousins, I feel I have always had a special bond with the Gutierrezes from Garden Grove. Maybe because we have a large family and do they. I remember many reunions playing with Bree, Andrea and Monica.

Now Loren and I share a very common bond as we are both mothers of twins. Twins run in the Gutierrez family.

Since Mya has been a baby I ALWAYS make it a point to invite The Gutierrezes of Garden Grove to birthdays and we have even gone to Disneyland together. February Mya got to meet her cousins Damien & Mariana as she and I went to Garden Grove for their baptism. That night as well as any other time I spent with Harry was always so fascinating, the things Harry knew amazed me every time. The stories Harry shared.

In May Mya and I once again went to have dinner with the Gutierrez clan, but this time for Mya to meet her new cousin Olivia. Though she was so fascinated with her new cousin "Baby Olivia" she also enjoyed sitting on Harry's lap and playing with her cousin Alex (who in some ways reminds me of her Uncle Tim).

On Monday, July 25th I made a trip over to City of Hope to visit Harry. I got to see Harry and I happy I did. Geri Ann gave me the news that things were not so good. So on Wednesday, July 27th, my mom, Mya and I went to go visit again. Mya and I visited with the G's of GG and my mom took some time to see Harry. And again Mya loved her time with all of her cousins.

This morning I had a very quick IM with Alex.
Me: I am so sorry cousin.
Alex:  No need to be. He's in a better place. Free of all pain and suffering. Be happy for him.
Me: I am. I know he is looking after Sophia for me. That gives me peace. Your dad has always been my favorite.
Alex: She is making him run around after her.
Me: Just like Mya does. See you soon. Love you guys!

My thoughts and prayers go out to Geri Ann, Harry Jr., Andrea, Monica, Loren, Alex, Cynthia and Nick. As well as Shawn, Harry III, Damien, Mariana, and Olivia.

Harry, we all love you. You are simply an amazing man. Rest in peace my dear cousin.


  1. Thank you, Cassie. He's playing Down Elevator with Sophia and telling her stories and making her laugh. He really was amazing and we are the lucky ones. Thank you for this. Your words warm my heart. Love you.

  2. My beautiful cousin, I could not think of a better way to remember him. Like you said "we are the lucky ones"

    Much love to all of you. Thoughts and prayers. See you soon.

    Love you!