Sunday, August 21, 2011

What is in a name?

In the community of BLM's there is so much power in seeing your child's name anywhere. I have collected Sophia's name in three different countries and many different places throughout the US. It brings me so much peace to know someone thought of Sophia,

Today was the first time I came across my own Sophia sighting. It was simply a van with "Balloons by Sophia" I tried reaching for my camera but it was to late. The light turned green. None the less it still made my day.

One other thing I always think about is if Sophia was still with us would we call her "Sophie" as I always refer to Mya as simply "My" because why would I waste my time with that pesky "A"

Another thing I am always asked is why did we not name the girls with the same middle names or with each other's name as the other's middle name? The answer is always this. From the time we found out we were expecting multiples I knew I wanted them to be different. I did not want them to be the stereotypical twins, with one wearing pink and one wearing purple but the same print. But one thing I recently figured out was both of my girls have middle names that are spelled or primarily used as male names. Not that I could ever imagine life as a mom of a boy but I like to think this was just a chance thing that is a twin kind of thing.

To sum up what is in a name. I could not be happier with the names Eddie and I have chosen for our daughters. They were meant to be. I would never in a million years imagine Mya being Sophia or Sophia being Mya. I also can not wait for my next Sophia sighting or email.

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