Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Beach Morning

 This morning bright and early we started out for Bolsa Chica. However after a brief timeout delay for not wanting to meds, Mya and I were off.

I packed the car last night for our long weekend. So we were on our way. We met Alice, Eddie, Johnny, Bea, Yoli, Claudine, and a couple others at Bolsa Chica.

We enjoyed a morning at the beach. Mya loved playing with Chip and Robert. I think the highlight of her day was chasing Seagulls across the beach and playing baby dinosaur with Alice. She enjoyed running around in her swimsuit. She simply enjoyed the day. I enjoyed taking a little nap on the beach before it was time to drive up to Antelope Valley.

While Mya was building sandcastles I took some time to write my two favorite girls names in the sand. I admit it is no Names in the Sand But it is something to add to Sophia's scrapbook. This one is even complete with Mya's feet as she was curious as to what I was doing.
 So since Mya wanted to help she and I did her name too!
So at 1pm we started our journey up to my parents house. Another blog post to follow about that.

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