Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I Am Walking In Honor Of

My daughter Sophia Rene and all the other babies who will never take these steps.

Last year due to the fact I am the founder of Walk to Remember Los Angeles I was kind of busy but this year I will walk at least one lap to see all the wonderful names of all the children we celebrate.

The last two nights I have been attending support groups as we are getting into the swing of October now. October is Pregnancy & Infancy Loss Awareness month. I feel like it is always over shadowed by Breast Cancer awareness month but it is the still month long time to remember our babies.

So this year I am happy to say:

Things are getting done, but there is so much more to do. I learned something very important last week. A Grandma that attends the Compassionate Friends Support Group says she views this time as a time to specifically be "M"'s Grandma. So I think I have started to make that my new outlook. I use to say everything I did for WTRLA was in Sophia's Honor. Now I think I will say I the time I spend working on WTRLA is the time I get to spend being Sophia's Mother.

Won't you join me in Walking for Sophia?

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