Friday, September 16, 2011

A Day at the Fair

A day at the fair, our day at the fair! I had a doctors appointment this morning which was a positive one.We got everything together and went to pick up Mya from school, but she was still asleep. So then we went to get Eddie and Alice. We went back for sleeping beauty.

Once we got to the fair the first thing on Mya's mind was the giant slide that she rode at the AV fair. So Eddie was the lucky one that rode with her this time. We walked around some more and the we found the circus section of the fair. Mya loved to play the games and then there she was Janie the elephant. For the low down fair price of $7 Mya and Eddie rode Janie. As you can see in one of the greatest pictures EVER. Mya is having the time of her life riding Janie.....Eddie, not so much. But don't worry, Eddie came around. By the end of the ride everyone was smiling.

I would have to say the highlight of the fair for Mya was taking her picture will all of those cut outs you put your head in.

After some more pictures and a visit to the dinosaur exhibit we braked for dinner. While we were eating Mya let us all know she needed to go to the restroom with the ever so commonly used phrase at Casa Beserra...."The Pee-pee is coming" So she and I made a made dash to the nearest restroom.

On the way back I say this:
Sophia's name was at the fair. I asked the lady if I could take a picture and then we came to the agreement if I purchased Mya's name for $5 then I could take all the pictures I wanted. So now Mya has her name in her room and I have two pictures of Sophia.

After a trip to the barn yard it was time for WAR. This was Mya's first concert. First she said it was loud and then she said she liked the music. She took turns sitting on Alice and my laps. But she was happy. As soon as we got her back to the wagon she was fast asleep, so we walked around some more to try and see everything we could.

Here is a rare picture of Eddie and I. I know we don't have many but here is one while enjoying my favorite WAR song, Baby Brother.

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