Thursday, September 1, 2011

September 1st a day of 1st and a day that I got stuff done.

 My baby started pre-school today. Not only did she start pre-school she also started using her "big girl car seat"

 Last night we picked a new outfit to wear. We got ready for bed and knew when we woke up in the morning it would be time for pre-school.

Mya woke up this morning and decided she was not going to school. Once she got dressed she decided reading on my bed would be so much nicer today than going to school. Because after all I have been telling her as of today she was not allowed to wear sandals to school. Which did not go over well this morning. After my shower we finally got it together. We went in the front of our house to snap a couple of pictures just in case she was not into taking pictures once we got to school. But fortunately for me the pictures at school came out better than the ones from home.

With our new ladybug lunch bag in hand and a quick stop across the street for chocolate milk we were on our way to pre-school in our new car seat. On out journey we talked about why green lights mean go and red lights mean stop. We also talked about all the big trucks we saw on the way.

Once we got to school I learned Mya already knows how to unbuckle herself. Thankfully she did it once we got to school and knows that is the only time she is allowed to unbuckle.

Once we finished our school photo op it was time for the morning kiss and hug and time for my commute. Which today consisted of a train accident adding an extra 40 minutes to my drive.

Tonight I got my flu shot and finished the brocher for WTRLA. I also sent out my fundraising email for "Strolling for Sweet Sophia". I also asked Mya about 47 times to get back in her bed as I was going to be staying up finishing this important stuff. Apparently she knew the important stuff was out of the way because she just woke up to go to the bathroom and come to "Mommy's Bed"... so apparently we will not be adding Mya sleeping in her own bed tonight to the list of accomplishments for the day.

But in other exciting news Monica and I are signing up for a couple of craft shows. I stopped doing craft shows two and half years ago because I did not like doing them alone. So we will give this a go.

So here is to a good day.

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