Monday, September 26, 2011

Being A Twin

I have many friends of loss. As a matter of fact it appears all of my friends are mothers of loss. We have a connection. Some have kids, some don't, some are in their 20's and some are in their 30's. That being said I have few friends that are mother's of surviving twins. IRL (in real life) I have only met 2 sets of parents that are parents like Eddie and I...... Parents of twins. Last Thursday at CF I met a "new" set of parents that now have a surviving twin. It always hurts my heart to know there is another family out there like ours. It also always hurts my heart to find out another baby has passed not matter if they were a twin or not.

One of my friends is "D" and she is a parent of a surviving twin. We both catch ourselves saying "only you will understand this........" it is just that way of understanding. I have a couple other virtual friends that are Mama's of surviving twins as well. One I adore so much and know in my heart one day I will get to meet "B" IRL. 

So in time I have learned to get past the things most commonly said to us twin Mama's.....
                   "At least you got to take home one"
                  "God only blesses you with all you can handle"
                  "Is she your only child"

But with all of that being said I would not give up being Sophia and Mya's Mommy for anything.

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