Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

So I have to say that Santa as well as all of his helpers were very good to me this year. Not that this has any real bearing on the holiday.

At 7:30 Alice & Eddie as well and Aunt Bea came over to have Christmas Morning as a family. Mya woke up went potty and Nana & Mya started heading down the stairs. The first thing that caught her eye was her new tricycle. She played with that for a few minutes then we started to open gifts.

After gifts were done we ate breakfast. We had tamales and eggs and Bea made posole per my request. We had a nice morning enjoying every one's company.

After Eddie, Alice and Bea left my Mom put her pies in the oven and I made my potatoes for Mary & Rick's house. Eddie and my Dad both went back to sleep. While my Mom was in the kitchen Mya took the opportunity to whip us up a little something while wearing her new apron and chef's hat.

Mya and I took a shower and got ready, woke up our Dad's and we were off. Then we were right back because I forgot the potatoes. Then we were back on the road.
Mya took a quick nap while in route to Chino Hills. Eddie and I were laughing because my parents left at the same time we did and we had to go back and get the potatoes and we still made it to Chino Hills 15 minutes before my parents. Oh well, what can you do.
After Mya woke up she played shy for a few minutes once Kiki and Liam came Mya was all over the place.
When all was said and done it was a nice day visiting with all of our family. I love the whole aspect of family and spending time together.
I leave you with my favorite picture on Christmas Day.

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