Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Operation Ornament

I have been working on Cinnamon Ornaments for all of our BL families for the holiday. I have posted some that are finished on Facebook. I have more to finish. I hope to have the project done by Friday and get them all in the mail. I want all of the families to have their ornament.

I have been struggling with the holiday's this year. And what makes me feel worse is that this seems to be the first year that Mya "gets it" yet Mommy don't not care to participate this year. I have been playing Christmas music in the car for Mya and she loves it. Our Christmas tree is half way decorated. I will get to it I promise.

So a little more about Operation Ornament......When I was younger my Aunt Margaret made these same ornaments except she would paint them. I am sure if you ask my Jojola cousins they will remember the ornaments. My Aunt passed away in January 2004. She was so creative. She also made these ornaments from walnuts. I wish I could figure those out.

So as I get all the pictures edited and all the ornaments I will post each one here on the blog. I want every BLM to know how much you all mean to me and how you have helped me with "Living my new normal"
So in the coming days look for your child or children's post. Also if you would like an ornament done for your child please feel free to email me ( or message me on Facebook.

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