Friday, December 10, 2010

What Kind of Mother am I?

This is the question I ask myself. What kind of mother am I?

Here is the back story to this is: Today is my father in-laws birthday. This morning Mya and I went to go see Tangled with our cousins Dave, Linnea and Kirsten. After Tangled Mya fell asleep. We went home for a minute to grab everything we needed to go to GG's (Eddie's Grandma Gloria, Mya calls her GG for Great-Grandma) and make enchiladas. Eddie sat in the car with Mya sleeping while I got what I needed. Right as we got to Gloria's Mya woke up.

Mya played and was fine until about 2:30 then she started acting up. Here is the problem. I don't know if this was just the terrible 2's or if this is the fact that according to Eddie I don't lay down the law with Mya. The first time she was talking back I put her in time out in the hallway and she did not stay put. So I took her in Jessie's room closed the door and she threw a loud 5 minute temper tantrum. We came out and she apologized.

Round two: This time with Eddie. He did the same thing. He took her in the room and she screamed and screamed. She finished came out and apologized to everyone.

So our afternoon went on. We left and all I thought was what do our family members think of my parenting. Mya is a brat!

So now I ask is this terrible twos or do I need work. I often think I let her get away with so much more because I hate to think of all that she went through. Not that warrants bad behavior.

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