Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mason Maxwell

Since starting Walk to Remember, Los Angeles I have met so many wonderful people. Many of them I know call my friends. Friends that understand me. One of those friends is Karen. Karen is Mason's Mommy. I have kind of started looking at Karen as a little sister. I can not even fathom what Mason, Karen and Luis went through.

Today is Mason's 1st birthday. Mason now dances with Sophia in the heavens. I was very blessed to have made time to take a long lunch today to go to Holy Cross to visit not only Mason but my grandmother.
I arrived at Holy Cross about 1 pm. I immediately went to find Mason. I called Tiffany to ask approximately where I would find him. She gave me great direction. When I got to Mason I told him:
"Happy 1st Birthday Mason. Your Mommy loves you so much. I am so lucky to know your Mommy now"
I also asked Mason to please look out for my Sweet Sophia.
I looked around at all the other children and it brought a tear to my eye to know just like I have said before every single one of those children have a story and how I would love to know all there stories.
I then went up to go get Mason some flowers. I also went to go find out where my grandmother was. When I finished I got a text from Karen that she had arrived.
When I got back to Mason, Karen was there taking pictures.
She looked so in place. It was where she belonged. She was so happy taken all these wonderful pictures to celebrate Mason's 1st Birthday. I felt so proud that she was in her element. For this moment she was at peace spending Mason's birthday with Mason.
As time went on more of her family and friends showed up. So I told her it was time for me to go back to work and first I was going to go find my grandmother.

I got back into the car and drove to section R. When I found R there was a
grounds keeper cleaning her section. This is the first time I have been to see her, that I remember. I asked him to please help me find her. We walked down a hill and there she was. They had just mowed the lawns and he was so nice to he even cleaned her marker with his hands. I sat there for a few moments and just took in my surroundings. I was only 3 when she passed away. But the few things I remember about my grandmother was that she was my "Nana Dumpling" and I was her "Little Dumpling" I remember she had very short (shorter than mine now) white hair.
When Mya was born my mom called Mya "Little Dumpling" and even now she still calls her that at times. It was a pleasure spending a few minutes with my Nana Dumpling, Mary Francis Gutierrez. I am sure I will visit her and Mason again.
Sometime in my visiting with my Nana Dumpling I got a text from Karen to come back that she had something for me. When I got back I Karen came to my car before I could get out. She thanked me for coming for Mason's birthday. I asked her how she was doing and she told me OK. I told her that I personally struggled with Sophia & Mya's 1st birthday more than the 1st anniversary. I told her I can not promise but I can tell her from experience that the 2nd year is easier than the first. Then while we were talking two eagles flew over us. Karen immediately told me it was Sophia and Mason.
So Happy Birthday Mason. You Mommy and Daddy love you as well as your entire family. It is such an honor to get to know your story and to know that your Mommy is doing everything she can to live you legacy and remember you every day of her life.


  1. I know Mason is taking good care of Sophia, Although since Sophia was more familiar with heaven she showed him around at first. I had a dream 2 days later about those eagles..It wasnt very clear but I know it was sophia and Mason, then I got a visual of them years later...and they were both beautiful although I cannot remember both there faces...I feel blessed to have dreamth that. I know my Mason isnt alone, Sophia is with him all the time.

  2. Oh, Karen. You made me cry. I am so happy that Mason is with Sophia. I am also so happy that I got to spend Mason's birthday with you and Mason.