Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thank you Coach.

So this morning on my way to work I looked down for some reason and discovered my purse had 2 holes in it. My jaw dropped and I just got my purse 7 months ago for Mother's Day. I wanted to cry. I had just blogged http://livinganewnormal.blogspot.com/2010/11/day-28.html about how much I love my purse. I was my first Coach purse. How was it possible that it had two holes in it.

Eddie has always said around the holidays that I deserve a nice purse but there was nothing I really liked. This purse I LOVED. I loved the two flowers. It always made me think of Sophia and Mya, my two flowers.

So as soon as I got to work I called Coach to see what could be done. She told me to take it to the store and they will exchange it or send it for repair. So on my lunch I went to Montebello to the Coach store. When I was there I explained how much my purse meant to me. She took it to her district manager who happened to be visiting the store. The manager came to me and told me that she wants me to keep the purse and she feels that if we were to send it back to Coach I would never get it back. She she offered me store credit and she let me keep my special purse. So I looked around and I decided what I wanted. It was the same style just black leather. When all was said and done I had to give the manager a hug because I was so happy I got to keep my special purse, though it is not in the best condition I still have it.

I think after today I may just be getting into the Christmas spirit.

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