Monday, December 20, 2010

Thinking and Speaking of Sophia

Friday Eddie, Mya and I went to the mall after dinner. Before we left I went up stairs and got Sophia. We were on our way. Mya was asleep the whole time giving Eddie and I a chance to enjoy and not rush.

Our first order of business was to go to Things Remembered to pick out a box for Sophia. I had found three that I liked but I wanted Eddie's input. After all Sophia is not just mine. So I showed Eddie the three options and we decided to get the box that was the same as Mya's. I am looking at it as a twin thing. They have something the same.

I decided to only get her name on it for now. I have to think of something special to put on it. I am happy now we have a proper box for Sophia now. I feel like this has been something that needed to be done and I am happy it is done for now.

Fast forward to this morning.......

Alice came to our house this morning to pick something up. While I was busy wrapping things to ship today Alice was playing with Mya. Out of the blue Mya says "That is Sophia's" Alice then asked her what is Sophia's? She walked to the Christmas tree and pointed out Sophia's angel I made her. Right next to Sophia's angel is Mya's star.

It felt like it was music to my ears to her Mya speak Sophia's name without having myself initiate the conversation.

Though we/I have never told Mya, Sophia is her twin sister who has passed away. This year I have made Sophia part of our life. I know when the time comes I will tell Mya, Sophia's beautiful story in it entirety.

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  1. Hi Cassie,
    Do you have an email account? My email is, I would like to email you office versa cus we had the same doctors plus I loss a baby too.