Tuesday, November 30, 2010


About a month ago I got two angel ornaments. One that said "HOPE" and one that said "BELIEVE" since then I have been trying to decide which one is right for Sophia and which one for Mya. Who exactly is Hope and who is Believe?

Yesterday it all became very clear to me. Sophia is Hope. Mya is Believe.

When I got to work I got a card from my new friend Kyna. It is a beautiful bracelet that is made with pink pearls and in the center is says HOPE. Right then I knew my decision was made for me. Sophia is HOPE.

Sophia was survived by nothing but HOPE. We all prayed and HOPED that she would be well and I personally held nothing but HOPE for Sophia. It came to a point that when we saw her getting sicker that all I HOPED for was that no matter what the outcome she would either make it and we would do what ever we had to for her or she would rest in peace and that I could be at peace with her passing.

I can say now that I am at peace with her passing. Though I wish things would have been different and that I would have got to say a proper goodbye. Now I HOPE she is safe. I like to think that she is looking after all the angels that have come to dance with her in the heavens, as I have now become such good friends with their mommy's. I know they are all looking down at us so proud of what their parents have been come and they all want us to know they are all OK.

I am sure that all of our angels have HOPE for us their parents.

When I am done personalizing HOPE and BELIEVE I will be sure to share.

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