Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 28

Day 28 - what's in your handbag/purse

Well this is a funny one. I just changed my purse again. Alice got me a very nice purse from a client. I used it for about 3 weeks and it was simply too big for me. It became a pit as my boss Paul described it. So today I just went back to my old faithful.
For Mother's Day I got my first Coach purse. I have pondered getting one for some time but Coach finally came out with something that called my name. So it was brand new to the Coach line and because of the price at the outlet and the additional off I got myself a $395.00 purse for $130.00 and Alice paid for $30.00 of it. So this is my purse. I love it. It is very "me"paid for $30.00 of it. So this is my purse. I love it. It is very "me"
So what is in my purse. I have 2 cell phones. My new one and my old one which acts as a phone book at the moment. I have my wallet, two transfer drives. A set of headphones. 2 chap sticks, Boogie Wipes, 2 Wisps, work keys, house keys, car keys, business card holder with my two business cards, Rx glasses/sunglasses. water, snacks for Mya and antibiotics.

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