Thursday, June 2, 2011

Embrace the Camera: Like Mommy like Mya

I have wanted to hijack a weekly post from one of my fellow twin Mama's Bethany Good, but never did until today. Though she has not recently, Bethany has always had Embrace the Camera Thursday's. As I have decided to start blogging more, simply to keep my sanity I and going to start "Embracing the Camera"

So here we go, I give you our first Embrace the Camera:
Just like Mommy......resting with my arm above my head.

This is how I sleep. This is how Mya sleeps. Eddie always laughs at us. We are two of a kind. I snapped tons of pictures this evening at the dentist. I think I may have taken too many. Mya was busy watching The Sandlot for the first time, and LOVING "The Beast" it got to a point she told me no more pictures. But I still managed to get this one while waiting for the dentist as she was watching "The Beast"

The funniest moment this evening was while sitting in the waiting room, just the two of us and "The Beast" jumped out at the kids Mya yelled "Oh NO!" all the nurses and clerical started laughing so hard. Mya was so involved in The Sandlot. So perhaps we may watch the whole thing some time. Hey if she loves "Wizard of Clause" so much I am sure we can sit through "The Sandlot".

So there you have it. My first embrace the camera.

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