Wednesday, June 1, 2011

But I am only 30.

Those were the words I told my doctor yesterday.

This morning I left my office for five short minutes to get something from my car, check the mail and use the restroom. When I returned I noticed I had a missed call, from my doctor. My first thought was it was something non-important as his nurses tend to mess my appointment up for my shots. But then something told me to check my voicemail. So I did. The message was simply the doctor needs to talk to you. With all the test going on I thought he was just wanted to check on me with my new regiment to clear the right side of my sinuses.

So I called, I stood on hold for 20 minutes. Finally I got a nurse who told me I would have to call back when the doctors nurse got back. I told her she should call me back as I don't want to sit on hold for 20 more minutes. So then she asked me to hold on. She came back on the phone to tell me the doctor wants me to get a Mammogram as a result of my chest CT Scan. She also told me the doctor will call me back when he was done with his patient.

So naturally where does my head start wondering? I called Eddie and told him the news. He told me it will be OK. We need to wait to talk to Dr. Chen. While I was talking to Eddie Dr. Chen called. I promptly told Eddie I would call him back.

Our conversation was very simple.

Me: Hi Dr.
Chen: Hi Cassie
Me: So now what is going on?
Chen: I got an email from Dr. Sather (my pulmonary doctor) saying he got the results back from your chest CT Scan. They found something we need to have looked at.
Me: What did they find?
Chen: There is a mass on your breast approximately 1.25 cm. The problem is I don't know which breast, I have sent an email to Sather to get all the information.
Me: So what do I need to do?
Chen: I want you to go back to the same place you had your CT Scan and get a Mammogram so we can rule out the worse. I will send the order over immediately.
Me: I will call them now.
Chen: You are young everything is going to be fine, don't worry.
Me: Thank you Dr. Chen, easier said then done. Also just out of curiosity, how old would I be when I would normally get my first Mammogram?
Chen: Um, 40.
Me: Thank you doctor. I will call Madison now.

I kelp my composure through the whole conversation. I then called Eddie and started to get teary. Eddie calmed me and told me everything will be OK.

I know everything will be OK. I am sure everything is fine. However it is the waiting that is hard.

I called Madison to make the appointment and she told me they don't do those specific tests in that office. She gave me a number to Huntington Hill Breast Center. I called there to make an appointment. I was told there were no available appointments until the beginning of August. But given the fact of my age and that I have never had a Mammogram before they will escalate this and I will be seen in the next two weeks. I will get a call this morning with my appointment time. So now the wait begins.

After all was done my co-worker told me things will be fine. Then my boss walked into the lunch room and asked what we were talking about. So the office knows.

Everything will be we wait.

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