Thursday, June 16, 2011

Trying To Keep Accountable

I am really trying hard not to slack off. This has been a very hard task for me. I feel like I am at this certain crossroads in my life. I want a tidy house. I was to try and cook new things when possible. I want to be the best housewife and mother I possibly can be.

In this process Eddie and I are trying to cut back on the number of times we eat out from 2-4 times a week to 1-2 times a week. Between Eddie playing softball and racket ball three nights a week and me being completely exhausted from a full work day and sometimes two plus hours of commuting a day dinner is the last thing I worry about for Eddie and I. Mya on the other hand, she eats her dinner as soon as we get home. But I am guilty sometimes that consists of a happy meal of sorts.

So here is how dinner went this week
Monday: Roasted chicken, rice, sauteed mushrooms or salad 
(or bock bock chicken as my two year old refers to any chicken that is not a nugget or dino)

Tuesday: I took the left over chick shredded it and made red and green non-fried enchiladas

Wednesday: I took the rest of the shredded chicken & made taquitos with chicken, sharp cheddar & ricotta
Thursday: Mya and I were bad since Eddie was playing softball. Mya and I had Panda Express.
Friday: I plan on making "G" Taco's.

I also got the chance to try out my new pots and pans I got from my birthday from my parents. I have to say the fideo and rice I made this week both came out quite perfect. Even Eddie commented on the rice. So as Alice says it is in the pan. Eddie has even been instructed no frying eggs with my pans. I kept one egg pan for him.

Lets hope I can keep this up.

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  1. Not only are you doing it, you're doing great food!

    Been trying to do this as well, but as ended up with many haphazard meals which should only generously be described as such!