Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Sophia Rene and Mya Quinn

Three years ago today I became a Mommy.

Though I was not scheduled to become a Mommy for two extra days, Mya had plans of her own. I went to the hospital for my last NST test and found out this was the day my little girls would make their appearance.

Looking back now at this day there were so many things that went wrong and I just went with the flow. Then there is that phrase I so often use now. "If I knew then what I know now, things would have been different" I knew and had prepared myself for leaving the hospital with one child not two. Yes a big part of me was missing BUT I did not hit me until 3 months later. So yes in someways this was to be one of the hardest days of my life because I became a mother to Sophia. But I did not treat it that way because I had 14 weeks to prepare myself for the way things had to be. It was also to be one of the best days of my life because I became a mother to Mya.

This past month has been something else for me. I have struggled so much with my girls turning 3 years old. But today I celebrate them. Last night Linnea gave me the most awesome gift ever. "I'm Celebrating Sophia and Mya"

So today I did just that. I celebrated Sophia and Mya.

This year we did things a little different. We spent the night in Anaheim to spend two days at Disneyland. Last night Mya spent her last as a two year old at California Adventure. We ate dinner, watched World of Color and I got to see all the innocence in my child's eyes as she watched the show in such amazement.

This morning before Mya woke up I posted on facebook in her album of "Mya the beginning the middle and current" this picture. It is just so amazing to see what I have done in the last three years with this amazing little girl. Without Mya I don't know where I would be. As I posted on my facebook this morning:

"Today is the 3rd birth day of of my two beautiful daughters. Sophia- I love you, miss you, and thank you for making me the woman and mother I am today. Mya - My rock. I don't know how in the world I could have survived the last three years with out you. I love you and happy birthday. You have a very magical day."

And we did just that. Mya was truly a treated with like royalty today. After her appointment at the Bipity Bopity Boutique we enjoyed the day at Disneyland. We even sat and watched the parade. While waiting for the parade Mya and Eddie spent some quality father daughter time running and jumping. Mya's day was filled with so many "Happy Birthday Princess" comments she was so excited.

This year she has been so excited for birthday's, and not just hers any one's birthday she gets to celebrate. Being told "Happy Birthday" all day really made this special for her.

To Mya I simply say this:

My Dearest Mya,
I love you. You are my little lady and I can not wait to see what this next year brings you. I know I am being biased but you are truly an amazing little girl. I love you so much and could not imagine life without you. Happy Birthday Miss Mya Quinn!

My Dearest Sophia,
I love you, miss you and always wish I got to spend just one moment with you. I always wonder how life would be with you in our arms and not just in our hearts. I can't thank you enough for making me the person I am today. Happy Birth Day My Sweet Sophia!

So three years ago today I said hello and good bye to my beautiful twin A Sophia Rene, born at 8:15 pm weighing 15.4 oz.

Also three years ago today at 8:16 pm I said hello to my baby, twin B, Mya Quinn. weighing 5 lbs 8 oz.

I love you girls!

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