Friday, March 4, 2011


Anyone that knows me knows I am all about family. I love the opportunity to be with my family.

Tonight Eddie, Martha, Ritchie and even Mya helped Walk to Remember, Los Angeles out in a huge way. We were able to move about half of our storage to the Rummage Sale site. Mya was dragging bags to the elevator and truck, she was very eager to help. She passed out 10 minutes after we got back in the car. So this is proof that Rummage Sale is hard work for a two and half year old.

Eddie was very frustrated I had not lined up any help for last night. Simply put I have been busy with work, being sick and trying to make the one to two hours a day I actually see Mya the most. I have posted about the Rummage Sale, at this time I feel like that is all I can do. I personally feel that if people want to volunteer I am not going to force them. I want Walk to Remember, Los Angeles to be a positive thing. I don't want to be the witchy woman that hunts people down to make them help us out.

I have made a very big decision concerning Walk to Remember, Los Angeles. From here on out we will not have any fundraisers during tax time. I can't do it and I can not expect Eddie to do everything. I can't expect my family to bail me out any more then the already do during this time of year. I don't want Eddie to be frustrated at me because of WTRLA. I still thrive to make this a positive thing for me as well. I simply put do not need the stress of adding this to my plate January thru April.

But again I would like to thank everyone for their donations and anyone that helped out, or will be helping out tomorrow with the sale. It does mean a lot to me and to WTRLA.

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