Monday, March 7, 2011

The Good, The Bad and the Congested.

This week Eddie has to work early. THE GOOD: So that means it is Mya and I every morning this week. I was defiantly looking forward to Mya and I having some quality time together this week in the mornings.

THE CONGESTED: Mya did not wake up until 6:45, which is late for her. She is usually a 5:55 - 6:00am person. So I started folding laundry listened to the news and started getting my stuff ready for work. I finally heard her waking up at 6:45 so I went in to her room and she sounded horrible. So we got up went potty, went to Mommy's room and I brought out the good old hospital grade nasal aspirator and the Little Noses. We decided to wait and half hour to figure out what we would do.

A half hour passed, I continued to do house work since I was home and then the time came to make the decision. I decided Mya was staying home today. So I called Grandma & Nana and got the team together for Team Mya sick day. My mom left Lancaster at 7:45 and Alice had a couple appointments in the morning, so she would relieve my mom at 2:00pm so she would miss traffic. Eddie got off of work at 3:30 so he would take the 4th shift.

At last check in Mya was in bed at 7:45 with Vick's and the humidifier. The general consensus is she will be OK tomorrow for school. My hope is that she is not getting what I am fighting. I do not have three months to fight Bronchitis for Mya too and I can't not bare to have her go through what I am going through.

THE BAD: Eddie just called..... Buster in missing. He knows/thinks I blame him for this. He knows that I protect our dog from him since they don't see eye to eye. He told me he knew what I would say, he looked all over and now we don't know where he is.

So this is my crazy day.

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