Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Guess I Can't Be Taken Seriously Enough

I am starting to think I juggle way WAY too much. I am quite tied up with income tax season at the moment and I am trying to plan a picnic for International Babyloss Mother's Day.

The way I see it every mother she be recognized as a mother, no matter if the are blessed to have their child with them daily or if their child looks down on them from the heavens.

I am doing my best to get it all done. I want May 1st to be a perfect day for all the mother's and families that will attend Walk to Remember, Los Angeles picnic that day. I have visions of a beautiful day and how I want the event to look.

My hope is that we have the food catered. We will have a balloon release and enjoy our day with our families. I work very hard on Walk to Remember, Los Angeles so everyone that attends our events will have a nice day to reflect and remember their children.

I ask for help and people tell me they will help and then I am left hanging.

I guess I can't be taken seriously enough. Or people just don't see how hard I work and how much this organization means to me.

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