Friday, March 4, 2011

Thought I Should Write Something......

One week ago I found out I have Chronic Bronchitis. I have had it for about three months. This would explain my hideous cough I have. I was put on a round of Prednisone in hopes that would take care of everything. But it has not. I found out Wednesday in a matter of four days I had gained six pounds, which is not exactly good for my weight loss journey.

Yesterday morning I went for a check up for the Bronchitis and things are getting worse. The put me on Prednisone for 5 days and it did nothing. So my doctor felt the need to send me to the Pulmonary Doctor ASAP, which happened to be an hour later. So I drove from Temple City to Pasadena for the appointment. After an hour evaluation he basically told me the Bronchitis is being caused from "most likely" a sinus infection I got at the beginning that never really cleared itself up properly. SO this now means I am going to be doing two to ten times more Prednisone daily for a week then it will drop down to one to five times the dose the second week. So we will see what will happen in two weeks. I hope this is the real beginning of the end. I can't take this anymore. I need to be better. I have been sick all of tax season. It sucks.

On the nights I am home when Mya goes to bed, I go to bed with her. One the nights I get home late I am in bed 10 minutes after I get home. My house is suffering. I can't expect Eddie to take care of our daughter and keep our house up. He has been amazing this tax season. I am so thankful to have him.

I am now to the point I feel like no matter how much I sleep I am not going to get better. I am hoping the new doctor is going to help me fix it.

Tonight our plan for the Rummage Sale is to get as much over to the sale site as possible so we don't have to make the journey in the morning. Also I scored Starbucks Coffee for the morning. I can not think City of Commerce Starbucks for all the generous support. Priscilla YOU ROCK!

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