Friday, March 4, 2011

Oh March, why?

March is an insane month for me. March is a happy month for me. And simply put March blows, for the most part.

Today I found out one of my fellow BLM's lost her rainbow. I always told her this rainbow was a little girl. I always told her I would be there for her and now I feel like I am letting her down. I know what it is like to loose in March.

March is not only Sophia's anniversary (for lack of a better way to describe it) but it is also the 4th birth day for another friend's daughter. Tonight I got a call from her and I simply felt so helpless. I hate to think all that she is currently going through, at a time when she does not need any extra going on. I know that at this time all I can do is lend an ear, though that seems like nothing I really hope she knows I care for her and do not like to see/hear her in pain. As she always tells me "I worry about you" I tell her the same but for other reasons.

So though my friends and I all have a common bond it hurts me to know that we now have another common bond....... March.

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